Holistic Goddess Journey

Holistic Goddess is the culmination of a remarkable journey, a fusion of fate, deep connection, and a shared vision for women's holistic well-being. Founded by Stephanie Coulson and inspired by the wisdom of many influential figures in women's health, Holistic Goddess emerged with a mission to distill decades of wisdom in women's health and wellness into an accessible form for women of all ages and stages.

Stephanie Coulson, moved by her personal journey and connection with the works of these influential figures, found herself on a transformative path of self-discovery and holistic living. She recognized the profound need to bring forth this divine wisdom, now more critical than ever, and make it accessible to women everywhere. Fate, it seemed, had a plan.

When destiny led Stephanie to collaborate with like-minded enthusiasts, it was a moment of serendipity. They shared a passion for empowering women with natural solutions and nurturing the innate wisdom within every woman. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of Holistic Goddess, a platform dedicated to offering all-natural products designed for the unique health needs of women. At Holistic Goddess, we celebrate women of all generations and stages in life, providing a space where the wisdom of one generation can be passed to the next. Join us on this empowering journey of holistic wellness, self-love, and embracing your inner goddess.

Leadership Team

Steph Coulson

Chief Executive Goddess

Lauren Bradford

Legal Affairs Goddess

Gabriela Brown

Director of Goddess Operations

Empower Your Holistic Wellbeing




Embrace the Divine Feminine Within

At the core of every woman lies the divine feminine, a force that empowers us to thrive through all life's stages. By channeling both the divine and the goddess, we tap into a potent energy. This vibrant and nurturing force is the essence behind Holistic Goddess, guiding you to harness the power of your mind.

Embody Holistic Self-Care

True holistic self-care is a profound act of self-love. Every aspect of our well-being hinges on this foundational love. It's not just about taking supplements, but understanding that authentic self-care is rooted deeply in self-appreciation and acceptance. When we care for ourselves with love and intent, we receive abundantly.

Evolve The Power Within

In every woman lies a deep connection to the divine feminine, a union of body and spirit. This connection embodies an innate strength, nurtured in stillness and embraced within the heart. It's a force that not only empowers her but inspires those around her. True strength stems from this inner connection, bridging mind, emotion, and instinct. It's more than just feeling; it's an ever-present energy, lighting up every facet of her life.