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Five Collagen Types

Organifi's Collagen is the natural boost for your body's 'glue,' helping to repair and strengthen tissues in your joints, muscles, and organs —all the way up to your radiating skin.

Supports Skin Health: Helps keep skin supple and may reduce fine lines.

✦ Promotes Nail Growth: Encourages stronger, healthier nails.

✦ Comprehensive Benefits: Boosts gut health, metabolism, cardiovascular function, and immune strength.

✦ 5 Collagen Types from 4 Sources: Hydrolyzed Bovine Hide, Eggshell Membrane, Fish Collagen Peptides, and Chicken Bone Broth Protein.

Qty: 30 day supply


Why You'll Love It:

5 Types of collagen for multi-area support.

Flavor-free for easy mixing into favorite foods or drinks.

Whole body support: Gut, metabolism, and more.

How to use:

Adding this no-taste powder to your day is simple and versatile.

Add 1 scoop to your morning coffee, blend it into your smoothie, or incorporate it into just about anything!


4 Real Food Ingreidents:

Hydrolyzed Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides: This protein form is derived from pasture-raised cows. It’s associated with relief from aches and pains in joints, radiant skin health, and even bone loss prevention.

Eggshell Membrane Collagen: Taken from the thin layer between the egg and the shell, this collagen-rich membrane may be beneficial for strong joint health.

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides: Derived from wild-caught fish, this is a particularly useful collagen source because of its small particle size – making it easily digestible and absorbable.

Chicken Bone Broth Protein Concentrate: This source provides the collagen type found in your gut, joints, and cartilage, and helps support greater health both inside and out.

5 Collagen Types:

Type I. Making up 90% of our body's collagen, Type I is used to provide structure to your skin, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Type II. Found in cartilage, this type promotes healthy cartilage not only in our joints but in our ears, the nose, the bronchial tubes, the rib cage and more.

Type III. Found in similar places as Type I, Type III is a major component of our skin and organs.

Type V. Mostly known for its role in creating the cells of a pregnant woman's placenta, Type V helps form interstitial collagen fibers of connective tissue. It also helps hair and works with type II collagen in cartilage health.

Type X. This type contributes to strong bone and cartilage formation.

Why is this Holistic Goddess Approved?

Our collaboration with Organifi underscores our shared commitment to empowering our community through intentional formulations and natural solutions. Just like Holistic Goddess, Organifi takes pride in crafting products that exceed expectations, providing our Goddesses with more solutions that leave them feeling empowered on their wellness journey. Together, we're dedicated to providing access to transformative holistic health solutions, ensuring our customers experience the pinnacle of well-being.

About Organifi

Organifi's story began with a simple yet powerful mission: to make healthy living accessible to everyone. Frustrated by the prevalence of "quick fixes" and empty health promises that left people feeling disillusioned, Organifi was determined to offer a better solution. Upon discovering the transformative healing powers of superfoods, Organifi found the answer. With Organifi, the aim was to make healthy living not only easy but also enjoyable and delicious for all.

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