Why You'll Love It:

✦ Includes one filter that provides clean water for up to two months - 300 L / 80 gal.

✦ Filtration system tested by accredited third party laboratories

✦ 100% BPA & BPS free Tritan plastic

✦ Capacity: 2 L or 9 cups

✦ Enjoy the delicous fresh taste of alkaline water - pH of water is raised by up to +2.0 units.

How it works:


MINA Filter uses granulated activated carbon (GAC) to reduce chemicals like chlorine and mercury, as well as ion-exchange resin to filter heavy metals like lead and cadmium.


Once infuses healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium into water to support your optimal body balance and make your water taste great.


Filters 99% chlorine, a chemical disinfectant that can damage healthy gut flora.

Filters 99% lead, a neurotoxin that’s especially harmful to children.

Filters 85+ other contaminants including heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, PFAS & PFOS, and VOCs. Adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to support your health.

Raises the pH level by up to +2.0.

Creates great-tasting mineral-rich water for healthy hydration.

Tested to NSF Standards 42, 53, and 401 for water quality and the reduction of chemicals and contaminants

Why is this Holistic Goddess Approved?

Holistic Goddess proudly aligns with Santevia, a Vancouver-based company founded by David and Yvonne Anderson, who turned their personal health challenges into a mission for holistic wellness. Santevia's dedication to improving health through clean, mineralized water mirrors our own commitment to natural, healthy living.

About Santevia

Santevia, established by David and Yvonne Anderson, is a leader in water purification and mineralization, based in Vancouver. Their innovative filters transform tap water into clean, alkaline water, enriched with essential minerals for health. Committed to global responsibility, Santevia partners with ACTS for Water, donating 100 days of clean water for every system sold, integrating wellness with a mission of community support and sustainability.


Why is my MINA Pitcher Filtering Slowly Or Not Filtering?

Your MINA Filter may be filtering slowly or may not be allowing water through to the Lower Tank for two reasons.

Reason 1

The MINA Pitcher can only hold 9-cups of water. Once this amount is reached, any more water that is added to the Upper Tank will not be a able to filter through to the Lower Tank. As a consequence, it will remain unfiltered in the Upper Tank until you pour some water out of the pitcher in order to create space.

Reason 2

If your MINA Pitcher is taking a long time to filter, you may be experiencing some air bubbles in your filter which are preventing water from passing through. Many faucets introduce air into the stream of water as the water leaves the tap. Occasionally this allows air bubbles to become trapped within the filter, slowing down or blocking the flow of water from the Upper Tank to the Lower Tank. A gentle tap of the pitcher on a counter surface will "burp" the filter to allow another 100-300mL of water to filter through.

By how much does the MINA Alkaline Pitcher increase the pH of water?

The MINA Alkaline Pitcher increases the pH of water by about 1.5 - 2.0 units on the pH scale. Results may vary depending on the source water.

How do I know when its time to replace my filter?

The traditional way of doing Castor Oil Packs was to use the SAME compresses over and over and over. This was okay, before the industrial revolution when our environment wasn’t as toxic. We now know that the increasing environmental toxicity impacts wellness. This is why it’s important to add fresh oil every time and replace your packs every 2 months for ease of use, comfort, and sanitation.

What are the black particles in my pitcher and how do I get rid of them?

he particles in your pitcher are excess Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) pieces that have escaped the filter. These are not harmful to consume and do not reduce the functionality of your pitcher filter. We have had reports of customers finding them in either the upper tank or in the bottom part of their pitcher.

These particles are typically all flushed out in the preparation stage, but it is possible for them to appear in your pitcher during use. To reduce them, please remove your filter from the pitcher and re-rinse the filter under running water. Be sure to shake actively and thoroughly until the water from your filter runs clear.

How often should I clean my Classic Alkaline Pitcher?

We recommend a routine cleaning of the pitcher each time you change the filter.

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