Bison Heart Capsules

Bison Heart Capsules

Pure Organ Nutrition, Simplified

Bioavailable & Naturally Occurring Goodness

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10

One of the richest natural sources found in heart, associated with boosting cognitive function, supporting brain health, boosting immunity, improving energy due to its role in cellular energy generation, and supporting circulatory and/or cardiovascular health due to its antioxidant properties.

B-Vitamins (B6, B12, Riboflavin, Niacin)

✦ Vitamin B6: May support energy metabolism and is often associated with supporting mood and cognitive function.

✦ Vitamin B12: Often associated with supporting mood, cognitive function, and energy metabolism.

✦ Riboflavin: May support energy metabolism and is known for its potential role in maintaining healthy skin and eyes.

✦ Niacin: Often associated with supporting energy metabolism and may help maintain healthy skin, nerves, and digestion.


Recognized for its antioxidant properties and may support immune health.


May contribute to immune health and wound healing, along with potentially supporting cardiovascular health.


Ideal for athletic performance, aiding in muscle recovery, and supporting muscular injuries healing.

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✦ Vitamin C: Known for its antioxidant properties, and may support immune function.

✦ Vitamin D: Often associated with supporting bone health.

✦ Vitamin E: Recognized for its antioxidant capabilities, and may support skin health.

✦ Pantothenic Acid: Known for its role in energy metabolism and may support the synthesis of fatty acids.

✦ Folate: May support cell division and is essential for pregnant women to support fetal development.

✦ Phosphorus: Often associated with supporting bone health and energy metabolism.

✦ Potassium: Known for supporting electrolyte balance and may help maintain healthy blood pressure.

✦ Sodium: Essential for electrolyte balance and may support nerve and muscle function.

✦ Copper: Known for its role in iron metabolism and may support the formation of red blood cells.

✦ Iron: Often associated with supporting energy levels and combating fatigue by supporting oxygen transport in the blood.

✦ Calcium: Essential for bone health and may support nerve and muscle function. 

✦ Heme Iron: May support circulatory health.

✦ Magnesium: Important for muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and bone health.

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Flourish and Shine From Within

How to Use

Start with 1-2 capsules per day and slowly increase each day until you reach the recommended dose of 6 capsules.

Your body thanks you.

Safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Pairs Well With OmegaGlow

Bison Heart, enriched with naturally occurring vitamins, supports heart health, synergizing with OmegaGlow's Krill Sourced omega-3, offering a powerful duo for comprehensive heart support.

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