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Women's Probiotic and Prebiotic

Digestive, Urinary & Vaginal Support

Empower your wellness journey with pH-D Feminine Health Women’s Health Probiotic. A single daily capsule, enriched with cranberry extract, nurtures your digestive, urinary, and vaginal health.

Probiotic and Prebiotic blend to nurture your gut microbiome, supporting digestive function and immune resilience.

✦ Cranberry Extract rich in antioxidants and for supporting urinary tract health.

Offers 4 billion CFUs of probiotics chosen for the unique needs of a women’s gut and vaginal health.

Make this probiotic a natural part of your daily wellness routine for a balanced and thriving body.

Qty: 30 day supply


Why You'll Love It:

Multi-purpose support for Urinary, Vaginal and Digestive Health for women

✦Contains both prebiotic and probiotic blends.

✦ Formulated by women for women.

How to use:

Take one capsule orally per day with or without food.

Refrigerate after opening.


Cranberry Fruit Extract, proprietary probiotic blend, saccharomyces boulardii, bacillus substilis DE111®, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, preferpro® prebiotic, LH01 -Myoviridae, LL5-Siphoviridae, T4D – Myoviridae, LL12 -Myoviridae

Other ingredients: rice maltodextrin, capsule (Hypromellose, pectin, water), medium chain triglycerides (MCT)


Why is this Holistic Goddess Approved?

At Holistic Goddess, we cherish our partnership with pH-D Feminine Health for their unwavering commitment to addressing the unique needs of women. Their development of products specifically by women for women ensures effective, natural support for feminine wellness. This collaboration not only aligns with our values of holistic health but also empowers our Goddesses with solutions that truly understand and cater to women’s unique health needs.

About pH-D Feminine Health

pH-D Feminine Health was founded by Deenah Seymour who saw a critical need for improved feminine hygiene and wellness products. As a woman-owned and women-run business, pH-D is dedicated to offering high-quality, innovative health solutions to millions of women worldwide. Their mission is to challenge and remove the stigma associated with vaginal health, aiming to dramatically improve the lives of women.

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