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A hormone naturally produced by the pineal gland in our brain, melatonin has a central role in steering our sleep-wake cycle and advocating relaxation. However, certain external factors might disrupt this natural rhythm. Using melatonin supplements may help align our internal clock, promoting an environment favorable for rest and tranquility.


Esteemed for its potential to mitigate stress, ashwagandha also has ties with endorsing restful states and amplifying sleep quality. In combination with melatonin, it crafts a synergistic blend conducive to nighttime serenity.


An essential mineral involved in numerous body functions, magnesium is recognized for its association with muscle relaxation and overall calmness. Ensuring a balanced level of magnesium can subtly guide the mind and body toward a more relaxed state, prepping for restful moments.

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Chew two DreamEase gummies before bed, and embrace the intent of self-care.

Your body thanks you.

Safe for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Pairs Well With PrimeAura

Combining our DreamEase Gummies with our comprehensive multivitamin formula - PrimeAura - ensures you're nurtured day and night, providing essential support for both active days and restful nights

Formulated With Intent

DreamEase was specifically formulated considering the multifaceted lives of modern women. Juggling demanding careers, nurturing families, managing households, and often being the pillars of their communities, women today need more than just rest — they need rejuvenation. Quality sleep is paramount for women's specific health needs.

By adopting minor lifestyle changes, we can better align with our body's natural rhythms, prioritize restful sleep, and seek a more balanced daily routine. DreamEase transcends the realm of mere sleep; it's a tribute to the indomitable spirit of modern women, a recognition of their tireless efforts, and a source of the nurturing they truly deserve.

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